MOONSHINERS on Discovery Channel. Josh & Bill on the move.

MOONSHINERS Special Tonight: Sometimes Moving Shine Can Be Trickier Than Making It!

MOONSHINERS fans wrapped up the season with their favorite backwoods outlaws last week on Discovery Channel. But, that doesn’t mean that the season is finished! Tonight, on a new MOONSHINERS special, the shiners are exploring one of the long-required skills of successful shining operations everywhere: Speed. The most dangerous part of the moonshining process may … Read more

Big Money, Bigger Hearts on MOONSHINERS Season Finale Last Night; Did Josh & Bill Work It Out? Recap!

Last night, fans tuned into hit Discovery Channel reality series MOONSHINERS, no doubt hoping to get the scoop on Tickle. But, if that was the case, they were disappointed, as there was no update provided. The show did end on a bittersweet note, with Josh leaving a portion of his Cherry Bounce sales in the … Read more

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MOONSHINERS Season Finale: Will Fans Get an Update on Tickle’s Whereabouts Tonight?

UPDATED: Big Money, Bigger Hearts on MOONSHINERS Season Finale! We had to get there sooner or later, and tonight, we are there: the Season Finale of MOONSHINERS on Discovery Channel. It has been a difficult season for many of the shiners. Overall, Patti and David seem to have done the best with their operation, which … Read more

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MOONSHINERS: ‘Presidential Shine’ Flows Tonight but Is It All Too Much for Discovery’s Backwoods Outlaws?

It is a big night for presidential candidates tonight, as they vie to become their party’s nominee. But, while they fight it out at the ballot box, TV viewers are likely looking for a little relief from the pressures of the day. What better way to chill out and relax than an evening with Discovery … Read more

Moonshiners: The Off Season

MOONSHINERS: Will Chico & Sandra Continue on This Illegal Journey Together Tonight?

Tonight on Discovery Channel, MOONSHINERS continues to follow fans’ favorite backwoods outlaws. As the end of the shine season nears, will any of the teams reach their shining goals for the year? Last week, Chico and Sandra gave it a go on a horse, trying to pack their way into an isolated shine spot. Chico … Read more