Why is it that shows that are fun and entertaining seem to go on and off before you can get settled in with the popcorn, while shows like Discovery Channel’s TICKLE just go on and on and on? These days, many viewers have come to expect ridiculously short “seasons” for their favorite shows; 6-8 new … Read more

Tickle, Porter Ridge: Where is Discovery Programming Headed?

Tickle and Porter Ridge debuted on Discovery Channel last night. There is little doubt that these two shows will prove to have brought in the audiences when the numbers are tallied. But, while they may be popular regardless, are they “good” shows for Discovery? Tickle, of course, is a spin-off of Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, another … Read more

Are You Ready for More TICKLE on Discovery?

Are you ready for some new TICKLE on the Discovery Channel? Moonshiners has been a huge hit for the Discovery Channel, in no small part because of Tim’s friend and moonshining partner, Tickle. After Discovery began giving Tickle his own moments of glory in the show, letting him share his wisdom with fans in short … Read more