Mountain Men season five, members of the AIMS team

‘Mountain Monsters’ Sneak Peek: Dark Forest Hunt Begins For Woman of the Woods (VIDEO)

Updated: Jeff collapses in Dark Forest. Is he possessed? “Mountain Monsters” season 5 kicked off with a bang. In the two-part premiere the guys were kidnapped, sort of, Trapper was left to bleed out, sort of and a severed pig’s head provided clues about the whereabouts of the Rogue Team. After all that, a deal … Read more

Eustace Conway and his dog, of HISTORY's Mountain Men Photo by Karolina Wojtasik/HISTORY Copyright 2016

‘Mountain Men’ Season Finale: It Was a Hog-Killin’ of a Time in North Carolina Last Night on History!

It was a busy night last night on History Channel’s “Mountain Men.” And, anyone who loved bacon going into the night might have had something of a second thought this morning before chomping down–or, in fact, anyone who eats any kind of meat whatsoever. Now, this is not a commentary on the virtues of vegetarianism … Read more

MOUNTAIN MEN, History Channel. Tom & Nancy Oar.

‘Mountain Men’ Season Finale: Are Tom & Nancy’s Days of Living & Trapping in the Yaak Valley Numbered?

Tonight on History Channel, viewers will be tuning in for the Season Finale of fan-favorite series, “Mountain Men.” But, the bigger question is no doubt waiting to be asked: Will Tom and Nancy be leaving the mountains? It is no secret: Tom and Nancy are getting older. Tom has always been a fan favorite, and … Read more

MOUNTAIN MEN, History Channel. Tom Oar.

‘Mountain Men’: Should Tom Think Twice About Going on a Bear Hunt Tonight on History Channel?

“Mountain Men” continues its season on History Channel tonight, and Tom has a new plan: a bear hunt. Viewers have been watching and cheering for Tom and his brother, Jack, no doubt, hoping they would trap enough beavers and other animals for Tom to call his season a success. But, roadblock after roadblock was thrown … Read more

MOUNTAIN MEN, History Channel. Marty.

‘Mountain Men’: A Concussion Slows Down Eustace & a Broken Snowmachine Sends Marty Home

Last week on “Mountain Men,” Eustace Conway took quite a tumble off a creaky old ladder. It was bloody and nasty, and looked awful. Was it as bad as it looked? Well, he broke his nose, blackened a couple of eyes and bruised himself up pretty bad. But, the worst part was an apparent concussion … Read more