Does MOUNTAIN MEN Season Finale Signal Tom’s Last Winter in Montana?

UPDATED:  Tom Leads Charge on Season Premiere as Eustace Brings Up the Rear! Is it time for Tom Oar to give up the MOUNTAIN MEN lifestyle and head off for a life of relaxation and retirement in Florida? “We’ll ride that horse when we get to it,” Tom said in a recent episode, featuring a … Read more

Trim ‘Mountain Men’ to Workable Foursome: Tom, Marty, Eustace, Rich

    There are just too many stories to follow on History Channel’s Mountain Men. Mountain Men was a lot of fun to watch last season. Oh, there were a lot of funny editing moments last season, and part of the fun was picking those apart—okay, so that is part of the fun this season, … Read more

Mountain Men: Will Eustace Have to Sell His Horses in the End?

Poor Hatchet. My favorite part of Mountain Men on the History Channel is the dogs. I love dogs; have two beautiful ones myself. And watching them chase after mountain lions—well, it creates a sense of pride as well as a sense of fear when I watch it. And, Rich’s dogs, they seem like beautiful, smart animals, … Read more

A Day of ‘Mountain Men’: Saved by the Hounds

Last season, I followed Mountain Men on the History Channel religiously; this season, I’ll admit, my watching has been more spotty. But, with a special request from a reader for TVRuckus coverage of Mountain Men, I sat down on Sunday and watched a marathon of this season’s shows from the beginning, finishing up with the … Read more