Buck of the AIMS team on "Mountain Monsters"

‘Mountain Monsters’ Preview: Buck’s On the Run And Three Rings Mystery Revealed (VIDEO)

“Mountain Monsters” is all new Saturday night May 27 on Destination America, as the AIMS team investigates the latest mystery. Last week we left the guys as they gaped at Jeff in the Dark Forest in front of the Three Rings.¬†What the heck are they? That’s one of the items on the menu for us … Read more

Buck of the AIMS team on "Mountain Monsters"

‘Mountain Monsters’: True or False, Dark Forest, Black Wolf and Ravenmocker Exist?

“Mountain Monsters” aired “The Three Rings of the North”, the sixth episode of season five, and the AIMS team has still made little to no progress on the bargain they struck with members of the Rogue Team. That was to find, capture or kill the Woman of the Woods, in exchange for information about who … Read more

Jeff and Trapper part of the AIMS team investigate creatures on "Mountain Monsters"

‘Mountain Monsters’ Preview: Dark Forest Takes Down Buck, Huckleberry and Jeff (VIDEO)

UPDATE: posted below. “Mountain Monsters” returns tonight on Destination America, with a new episode. After last week’s Super Fan best-of show, the AIMS team ¬†returns to the Dark Forest and Jeff’s connection, if any, to the mysterious symbol. Then there’s the Black Wolf. We heard what the legend says, and we hope that the creature … Read more

Jeff, the AIMS team researcher on "Mountain Monsters" Destination America

‘Mountain Monsters’ Recap: Is Jeff With Rogue Team, Or Just Pissed At Buck?

After viewing the latest episode of “Mountain Monsters”, titled “The Black Wolf”, the only question worth asking is if Jeff is sabotaging the AIMS team or just tired of the nonsense. You can’t blame him for being suspicious of the others, particularly Buck, who he knows is keeping information from him. The hunt for the … Read more

Mountain Men season five, members of the AIMS team

‘Mountain Monsters’ Sneak Peek: AIMS Team Finds Evidence of the Black Wolf (VIDEO)

UPDATED with recap. Is Jeff on Rogue Team or just pissed at Buck? Season five of “Mountain Monsters” moves on with the episode “The Black Wolf” and we return to the Dark Forest in Lee County, Virginia. The AIMS team had a lot to recover from, covered in last week’s installment. Jeff had a terrible … Read more