Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie

NURSE JACKIE Finale: Love Surrounded Her, Jackie Couldn’t Deal With It

The NURSE JACKIE finale was as true to the rest of the series as you could ask.┬áThere was humor, sadness and tragedy. The human relationships forged in the emergency room of All Saints Hospital were ultimately those that mattered most, particularly to Jackie Peyton. Dr. O’Hara returned from England, her little boy in tow, for … Read more

Edie Falco

NURSE JACKIE Finale Preview: Will Jackie Pay For Her Sins, Finally?

NURSE JACKIE airs the series finale tonight and in “I Say A Little Prayer” we learn whether the creators and writers decided to wrap things up in a good way, a bad way, or in a “meh” way. Edie Falco said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she is no stranger to appearing in … Read more

Nurse Jackie

NURSE JACKIE ‘Vigilante Jones’ Recap: Akalitus To Jackie, ‘Thank You and F-You’

Well, we got the penultimate episode of the series last night on NURSE JACKIE and it was a mixed bag. The best of all was the troubled super hero-wanna’ be Vigilante Jones, who came into the ER at All Saints after another rough and tumble day. A character played by the ever-fabulous Chris Elliott, Vigilante … Read more

Edie Falco

NURSE JACKIE Recap: Drug Sniffing Dogs Threaten Jackie’s License

In the latest episode of NURSE JACKIE, “Jackie and the Wolf”, a pushed-up date for a license hearing and a surprise home inspection by Eddie’s employer created chaos for Jackie. Mr. Karlsen’s threat of revenge after Eddie bloodied his nose took an interesting turn. Instead of the Norwegian developer hurting Jackie’s chances to regain her … Read more

Merritt Wever

NURSE JACKIE Recap: Zoey Blames Jackie For Her Misery

NURSE JACKIE is in the homestretch of its final season and in last night’s episode “Serviam in Caritate” Jackie Peyton extinguished two fires raging in her personal relationships. Along with that, Jackie continued to violate the terms of her diversion program, but has cover from Dr. Prince. She is injecting him with meds for his … Read more