Fifty Cent, Omari Hardwick as Kanan and Ghost on season 4 "Power"

‘Power’ Recap: In ‘New Man’ Bodies Drop, ‘Cause Money Is King And Revenge Sweet (VIDEO)

“Power” Season 4 moved away from the courtroom drama once James St. Patrick/Ghost ¬†was home. In “New Man”, it was a more familiar feeling of street business, alliances and who’s gotta’ pay in more ways than one. Tasha made it clear to Ghost that their living arrangement was just that, despite him asking to make … Read more

‘Power’ Recap: Angela Sacrifices Herself In ‘Don’t Thank Me’, But No One’s Throwing a Party

In the episode “Don’t Thank Me”, the story shifted focus on all fronts and season 4 of “Power” became more edgy and sinister, if that’s possible. Tommy’s got to answer to the folks in Chicago and they didn’t want it to be a phone call. He’s strapped and ready, but he’s got other things on … Read more

Omari Hardwick as James St. Patrick and William Handler as Tony Teresi

‘Power’ Recap: In ‘We’re In This Together’, Tommy In Ninja Mode, Tariq Gettin’ Some? (VIDEO)

The episode “We’re In This Together”, fourth in this season 4 of “Power” on STARZ, required you to have your head on a swivel to catch the furious action and plot points that came from every angle. Let’s begin with what most affects Ghost as he sits there in his cell. That guard almost crushed … Read more

Omari Hardwick as James St. Patrick a/k/a Ghost on STARZ's "Power"

‘Power’ Recap: In ‘The Kind of Man You Are’, Tasha And Kids Are Fair Game For Feds (VIDEO)

In “The Kind of Man you Are”, episode four in the latest season of the STARZ drama “Power”, the wheels begin grinding on both sides of Ghost’s legal case. More shoring up of evidence is in progress for the prosecution and protection of the defendant is paramount for Proctor and a new lawyer he put … Read more

Lela Loren as Angela Valdes "Power" Season 4 on STARZ

‘Power’ Recap: In ‘Things Are Going To Get Worse’, Death Penalty or Snitch on Tommy For Ghost (VIDEOS)

Season 4 episode 2 of “Power” opened after Ghost absorbed the beating handed out by prison guards; his situation only got worse, as the title of the episode suggests. He’s not the only one that saw things go downhill. Everyone close to him had a bad hair day or two. Angela learned that she will … Read more