Joe Bastianich, host of "Restaurant Startup" on CNBC

RESTAURANT STARTUP UPDATE: Divorce Wreckage Figures Into Chas Germain vs. Smoke BBQ (VIDEOS)

RESTAURANT STARTUP is all new tonight on CNBC Primetime and the battle begins with the pitches to investors and co-hosts Joe Bastianich and Chef Tim Love. Recap of the episode posted below. Chas Germain vs. Smoke BBQ has two themes in common and they are totally unrelated to the type of cuisine prepared by the … Read more

Owners of Subdus, a truffles specialty restaurant "Restaurant Startup"

RESTAURANT STARTUP ‘A Star Is Born’: Truffles vs. Show Biz, Who Got The $ (VIDEO)

RESTAURANT STARTUP is all new tonight on CNBC and it’s time for Joe Bastianich and Chef Tim Love to decide which of two restaurant ideas they will fund with their own money. Sometimes both make offers, other times one or both decline, usually in a polite way. Then again, you never know how passion will … Read more

RESTAURANT STARTUP Season 3 Premiere: Room 55’s Vinny From Queens Survived Joe’s Temper Tantrum

Season three of CNBC’s RESTAURANT STARTUP began with a bang, and by that we mean an explosion of emotion by Joe Bastianich that somehow brought him success. During the season premiere, “Raising The Stakes”, the battle of the steak┬áhouses was a tough one from the beginning. There was a significant difference of opinion between Joe … Read more

Restaurant Startup

RESTAURANT STARTUP Season Finale: Will Joe and Tim Invest in a ‘Magic Show’? (VIDEO)

RESTAURANT STARTUP goes from the kitchen to the science lab tonight on CNBC as Joe Bastianich and Tim Love evaluate two different concepts for a potential investment. The Inventing Room wants the guys to put their money in the next big thing: molecular gastronomy for the masses, which they call “gastro-fun”. Crave Culinaire works with … Read more

Joseph and Jenna Cuccia

RESTAURANT STARTUP: Joe Bastianich Tells 17 Summer: ‘Playing’ Restaurant Not Running One (VIDEO)

RESTAURANT STARTUP aired its penultimate episode of the season and it was a stunner. “Small Markets, Big Dreams” featured two companies who yearned to move up from catering events to a brick-and-mortar restaurant. The lack of experience was even between them, but their markets and potential were at opposite ends of the pole. 17 Summer … Read more