Update RESTAURANT STARTUP: How YEAH DAWG!!! Won Over Meat Eaters With a Hotdog

RESTAURANT STARTUP ¬†introduces two teams dubbed the “Young Hustlers” on tonight’s latest episode. They’re young, hungry, no pun intended and have a New York attitude that appeals to Joe Bastianich and Tim Love. Update and recap of how it all worked out posted below. Plant-based hotdogs that taste good vs. Moroccan cuisine with a bit … Read more

Tim Love, Joe Bastianich

Update RESTAURANT STARTUP: Arepas Fast Food or Raw/Rare Cuisine, Who Won?

RESTAURANT STARTUP is back tonight on CNBC Primetime with an episode titled “The Comeback Cook”. The show’s format channels a mix of the network’s SHARK TANK with Restaurant Wars from TOP CHEF. There are SPOILERS below in a recap of the action. Two savvy investors, both with multiple restaurants to their credit listen to two … Read more