Mary, Rebecca, Abe, Carmela and Jeremiah in "Return to Amish" on TLC

‘Return to Amish’: The Early Signs of Trouble Between Jeremiah and Carmela

There was a fleeing situation, then a reunion on the latest “Return to Amish”. After fighting reached a peak for Carmela, she took the boys and drove to see her eldest son in Washington. Jeremiah became despondent and anxious. Despite telling him to leave her alone, he tried to reach her by phone without any … Read more


‘Return to Amish’ Season 4: Sabrina Craves Forgiveness, Does She Make Matters Worse?

Update to Sabrina’s latest legal woes “Return to Amish” season four is winding down and drama never ceases for the cast. In the latest episode, “From Here to Maternity”, there was more discord between Abe and Jeremiah, while Mary made it her business to be kind and support Sabrina. Let’s get the easy stuff out-of-the-way, shall … Read more

Sabrina with doula "Return to Amish" Season 4 on TLC

Do ‘Return to Amish’ Cast Arrests Change How You View Show?

Season 4 of “Return to Amish” is airing on Sunday nights, and yet, the action has been eclipsed by current events. It’s one of the risks of taping episodes months in advance. The question is whether or not it spoils or enhances your viewing experience.  UPDATE posted below!  In recent weeks, two people on the show … Read more