Rebecca in "Return to Amish"

‘Return to Amish’ EXCLUSIVE Preview: Did Abe’s Attempt To Keep Rebecca Uneducated Rub Off On Her? (VIDEO)

“Return to Amish” is back Sunday night May 7 for its second episode of the new season. In “I Got You Abe”, the action flips from Pennsylvania to Florida throughout the two-hour show, continuing the stories begun in last week’s season premiere. One those was Rebecca’s tentative start to getting her GED. Her evaluation was … Read more

Mary on season four "Return to Amish"

‘Return to Amish’ Recap: Mary On a Treadmill Was a Sight to Behold!

Updated: EXCLUSIVE preview, Abe v. Rebecca over GED “Return to Amish” aired its season four premiere last night on TLC. In the episode “Mary With Children”, there was turmoil, but the lighter moments made it all worth while. Under the heading of turmoil, you had Sabrina and the latest custody battle for Oakley, while getting … Read more


‘Return to Amish’ Season Finale Wrap-Up: Does Sabrina’s Post-Show Baby Surprise Mean a Season 4 Is Coming?

Updated: Video preview of season four premiere! Last night on TLC, hit series “Return to Amish” had its 2-hour Season Finale. What a mixed-up group–and that’s putting it mildly. The director of Fashion Week L.A., Rosy Muto, basically kicked Kate off her own team, and put her off doing work away from her area. Every … Read more


‘Return to Amish’ 2-Hour Season Finale Tonight; Will Loose Ends Be Tied Up or Saved for Possible Season 4?

UPDATED: Season 4 is here. Video sneak peek! Tonight on TLC, “Return to Amish” comes to its 2-hour Season Finale. Fans are no doubt looking forward to some loose ends being tied up; will they be? Last week, Sabrina found out her daughter, Oakley, would be coming home. It was not surprising; it seems she … Read more


‘Return to Amish’ Tonight: Why Is Mary Dragging Youngest Daughter Esther to New York City?

Fans of “Return to Amish” on TLC have not been disappointed so far this season if they are looking for drama. Not only have the many troubles of the group been brought to the forefront, but now they are in New York City; will it help them relive the glory days, or will it destroy … Read more