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RETURN TO AMISH Recap: Mary Reveals Her Secret Past, Abe & Rebecca Close in on Jeremiah

UPDATED: Season 4: Look out, Mary’s got a driver’s license! Who would have guessed that Mary would have such a big secret to reveal on TLC’s hit series RETURN TO AMISH? Last night, following Katie-Ann’s departure from the bed & breakfast, Mary revealed a secret past of her own. At first, it appeared it was … Read more

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RETURN TO AMISH: Mary’s Rebuke of Katie-Ann’s Decision Rings Hollow

Last night on TLC’s hit series RETURN TO AMISH, Mary demonstrated once again that she has some rather odd ways of rationalizing the things going on in her life. Mary is barely hanging on to her Amish life. She has been shunned by the Amish church, she is not maintaining close contact with her husband, … Read more

RETURN TO AMISH Recap: Mary Will Have to Chill for Her B&B to Succeed

Last night on RETURN TO AMISH, Mary had her first guest at her new bed and breakfast. And, without a doubt, it was a colossal flop. Watching the guests being forced to give up their cell phones, wear Amish clothing and muck the animal stalls–and, frankly, Mary was pretty rude–it became clear all too quickly … Read more

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RETURN TO AMISH Recap: What Is Jeremiah Really Up To in Amish Country?

Fans of RETURN TO AMISH on TLC need not worry: Mary is fine. Last night, after a short stay in the hospital, she returned to her family and the yet-to-open bed & breakfast. The explanation for her illness was brief; only that she had a kidney infection and needed to drink more water. Her lack … Read more

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RETURN TO AMISH Recap: Andy Gets Time, Mary Takes Ride to Hospital

UPDATED 07-10-16: New Season Alert! Read more here on TVRuckus. Last night on fan-favorite TLC hit RETURN TO AMISH, Andy went off to do 21 months in a federal prison and Chapel was left to wonder if the Schmuckers were even her family any longer. But, it did not take long for at least one … Read more