ROYAL PAINS -- "Uninterrupted" Episode 808 -- Pictured: Mark Feuerstein as Dr. Hank Lawson

‘Royal Pains’ Series Finale: All Roads Lead to Family And The Hamptons, Eventually

“Royal Pains” bade goodbye to television with its series finale “Uninterrupted” and after eight seasons of “Will he or won’t he?”, he did. Dr. Hank Lawson figured out what he really wanted and was brave enough to risk it all to get it. The show has always been about two brothers who were scarred by … Read more

‘Royal Pains’ Season 8: Boris and Jeremiah Clash, Eddie’s Gone Rogue Again In ‘Home Sick’

“Royal Pains” is nearing the series finale and we’ve yet to wrap up the “Where is Eddie R. Lawson?” story. That changes tonight when we get info on good old Eddie during episode six of season 8 titled “Home Sick”. We last left Dr. Hank Lawson with a broken down Saab in front of a … Read more

‘Royal Pains’ Season 8: Evan and Paige Throw Divya A Shower, Will They Ever Conceive A Child? (VIDEO)

“Royal Pains” is set around Divya’s baby shower in the episode, “Saab Story”. Jeremiah is totally engaged in making it a special event for Divya, the woman who was able to reach him, when no one else could. Last week, we got a hopeful sign for Dr. Sacani when he met an author who has … Read more

Mark Feuerstein and Constance Wu in "Royal Pains"

‘Royal Pains’ Season 8: Hank’s Hong Kong Hookup, Sets Stage for Jill’s Return

“Royal Pains” sent us to Hong Kong during “Fly Me to Kowloon” where Boris reunited with his wife and son, with Hank Lawson in tow. A big announcement was being made at a conference and it centered on revealing, for the first time, the state of Boris’ health and prognosis for the future. Hank was … Read more