Janelle, Meri, Kody, Robyn and Christine Brown on "Sister Wives"

‘Sister Wives’ Newlywed Game: Brown Family’s Most Awkward, Funniest Moments

“Sister Wives” gave us one hour of game playing with “The Newlyweds vs. The Browns”. It brought out some truths that were awkward, yet great TV and we learned how the wives feel about Kody’s hair routine. The set up was great. Mariah and Aspyn co-hosted, set the rules, asked the questions and tallied the … Read more

Sister Wives, TLC. Meri Brown w/ husband, Kody.

‘Sister Wives’ Season 7 Ep. 8 Preview: Mariah vs. Meri At Family Mountain Retreat,

“Sister Wives” season 7 began with plans for one wedding, then two, but no one could have predicted the big surprise that came our way in the last installment of the series. Mariah gathered her dad and moms to announce that she was gay. The whispers had not included anything even close to that, with … Read more

Maddie and Caleb at their wedding, aired on "Sister Wives"

5 Best Moments From Maddie Brown’s Wedding on ‘Sister Wives’ (VIDEO)

“Sister Wives” devoted its latest two-hour episode to Maddie and Caleb’s wedding. During “Maddie Gets Married”, we saw a young woman execute the first wedding outside the traditions of her polygamist family. Her moms and dad were in awe of Maddie’s ability to take charge and make it happen. From hand making decorations, to stage … Read more

Tony and Mykelti Brown talk to family on "Sister Wives" Season 7

‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Maddie’s Weight Loss, Mykelti Does ‘Art Of The Deal’ With Kody

“Sister Wives” season 7 resumed with another two-hour episode on TLC. In “Embarrassing the Sister Wives”, which referred to racy lingerie gifts at Maddie’s bridal shower, Kody was stunned by Mykelti’s negotiating skills. She came prepared to fight over her desire for an August wedding and had a trick up her sleeve. Check out the … Read more

‘Sister Wives’ Season 7 Recap: Kody Tells Mariah He’s Not Without Blame For Meri’s Misery (VIDEO)

“Sister Wives” continued its season 7 with “Kody Takes Responsibility”, a two-hour hard look at Kody Brown’s attempts to lead his daughter Mariah back to a relationship with her mother Meri. In doing that, he hoped to bridge the chasm between him and his first wife, who agreed, in the season premiere, to visit the … Read more