Dave Hester vs. Joe P: Who is Storage Wars Real Villain?

Dave Hester is off the air but Joe P. might be a good substitute — or maybe not. Storage Wars New York aired new shows last night on A&E and Joe P put on a clinic in the one entitled “School of Lock”. It was what we saw Dave “YUUUP” Hester do for years on … Read more

Storage Wars New York: Mike B Eats Bugs and Cotton Candy

The cast of A&E’s Storage Wars New York seems to be a fluid group. Last night’s new episodes brought us Big Steve who came to upset Joe P’s dominance. Catch the video clip below to watch Big Steve in action earlier in the season. Last week it was The Fog. While you can argue that … Read more

Storage Wars N.Y. : Da’ Bronx Starts Season Two

They’re back… the N.Y. Storage Wars gang. For those that missed season one, the characters that populate this N.Y. edition of the storage units auction reality show are: Joe P: nicknamed The Legend, is an old-timer. His aging hippie silver mini-ponytail stands out on the tall bidder.  He isn’t interested in the flea market merchandise … Read more