Mary Padian, Storage Wars Season 10 on A&E tv

‘Storage Wars’: Mary Padian Offered Sweet Backyard Deal To Jarrod and Brandi

It was Mary Padian night in back-to-back episodes of “Storage Wars”. The Texas turned Cali businesswoman teamed up with Kenny in San Bernardino, then worked out a deal with Jarrod and Brandi after finding treasures in Mentone, California. It was fun night without Darrell Sheets and Dave Hester in the first episode. In Mentone, Darrell … Read more

Darrell Sheets a/k/a The Gambler on A&E's Storage Wars

‘Storage Wars’ Darrell’s HUGE Locker Haul Lets Him Ignore His Pronunciation Problems!

“Storage Wars” aired another episode in its current season 10 on A&E, titled “Vamos a Placentia”.  The bidders and auctioneer Emily Wears were off to the town of Placentia in Orange County, California. In attendance were Rene Nezhoda, with chocolate stains in a strategic spot on his shorts; Ivy Calvin and Darrell Sheets a/k/a “The … Read more

Mary Padian photo, for sale on

‘Storage Wars’ Season 10: Inside Look at Mary Padian’s Vintage Treasures Business

Mary Padian says she buys lockers on “Storage Wars” when she sees things described as “treasures”. In general, Padian seeks furniture and decorative items she can rehab for sale. On her website  her slogan is: “I rummage through storage to salvage vintage”. In the most recent episode of Storage Wars”, titled “Shave and a Haircut: … Read more

Mary Padian at auction in Huntington Beach, CA on "Storage Wars"

‘Storage Wars’: Mary Padian Bullied, Run-Up By Rene, Gets Last Laugh in Huntington Beach

In the latest episode of “Storage Wars”, season 10 rolled on in Huntington Beach and Mary Padian got into it with Rene Nezhoda. This time it wasn’t just playing for the cameras. Mary was so irritated that she couldn’t stand to be near him. That only cranked up the Rene insults that he would call … Read more

Kenny Crossley on Storage Wars Season 10

Here Are 4 Reasons Kenny Is Breakout Star of ‘Storage Wars’ Season 10

“Storage Wars” took us to Montebello and Van Nuys in the latest episodes of season 10. One bidder tied them together and in an amusing way. That would be Kenny, yes Kenny Crossley. He was introduced to us a few years back as Barry Weiss’ sidekick; he also appeared alongside him in “Barry’d Treasure” the … Read more