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STREET OUTLAWS: Is Chuck Really OKC Small Tire Shootout Winner?

Big tire cars vs. small tire cars is typically seen as a mismatch. Big tires generally have better grip, and put down the small tire rides, well, if not easily, frequently. So, last night on STREET OUTLAWS, there was a Small Tire Shootout in OKC, featuring some of the best drivers in the 405 and … Read more

STREET OUTLAWS: Exclusive Video Preview of Tonight’s OKC Small Tire Shootout!

It’s another week in the OKC, and another race is brewing on STREET OUTLAWS on Discovery Channel. This week, small tire cars get the spotlight. Fans of STREET OUTLAWS have no doubt heard the explanation of why so many drivers prefer the big, wide tires to the small tires:  Big tires are faster. They have … Read more

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STREET OUTLAWS Video Preview Exclusive: Big Chief Tests for Run to Top Tonight on Motor Monday!

It’s Motor Monday tonight on Discovery Channel, and Shawn is having some issues–even considering dropping off the list on STREET OUTLAWS! Last week, things took an unusual turn when Dominator dropped down the list … and dropped again. Big Chief, as acting racemaster, pronounced the evening’s festivities “Bizzaro World,” particularly after Dominator lost to Boosted, … Read more

STREET OUTLAWS: ‘Bizzaro World’ with Dominator Losing All the Way Down to #10 Spot

It was a pretty bizzaro world last night on STREET OUTLAWS, with challenges and changes to the list—and a chance for Farmtruck to get back on the list before the night was over. The Farmtruck is not your typical hotrod, that’s for sure. It looks just like its name indicates:  a farmtruck. It looks, in … Read more