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‘Street Outlaws’: Tonight the Crow-Mod Begins its Rise in the 405!

Big Chief’s disastrous wreck recently on Discovery Channel’s Motor Monday mega-hit “Street Outlaws” was without a doubt the worst featured on the show. Watching Chief flip end to end to end, the question of whether or not he would even survive was no doubt in the forefront of many viewers’ minds. But, not only did … Read more

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‘Street Outlaws’ Recap: Entire 405 List Gets a Shakeup & Big Chief Intros the Crow-Mod!

This season, the Shark Pool is doing its job and shaking up the 405 List more than we’ve ever seen. Now, people are in real danger of losing their spot week to week, and it is making Discovery Channel hit series “Street Outlaws” more interesting to watch, for sure. But, there is still dead weight … Read more

STREET OUTLAWS, Discovery Channel.

‘Street Outlaws’: How Will Big Chief Decide to Replace ‘The Crow’ Tonight? Video Flashback to the Wreck!

UPDATED: Enter the Crow-Mod! Last week on “Street Outlaws,” a sad day arrived for Big Chief: His beloved and long-time street racer, The Crow, hit the skids, literally, and is now no more. Tonight on Discovery Channel, it is time for Chief to decide what to do next. It was a scary sight, to see … Read more

STREET OUTLAWS, Discovery Channel.

‘Street Outlaws’: Memorial Day Marathon Culminates with 2-Hour Detroit Special Tonight on Discovery Channel!

Discovery Channel is not taking Memorial Day off, fans of hit series “Street Outlaws” will be glad to know. In fact, the speed on the street is expanding, with a special 2-hour “Street Outlaws,” following an all-day marathon of encore episodes. Tonight, fans will see the 405 take on Detroit. But, with all of the … Read more

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‘Street Outlaws’: New Mom Tina Pierce Jumps into the Shark Pool Tonight!

Fans of “Street Outlaws” are accustomed to the 405 List being pretty stable overall. But, with Big Chief’s introduction of the new Shark Pool, anything can happen from week to week. And, so far, it has been. BoostedGT getting tossed from The List last week was a surprise, for sure. But, it was a good … Read more