SWAMP PEOPLE Stars Offer a Little Advice on Catching Gators for Newbies (Videos)

SWAMP PEOPLE continues with a new episode on The History Channel tonight—and the gator hunters are working hard for a living! Rogue gators can be especially dangerous. Instead of lurking around in isolated swamp land, far from people, the rogue gator may be targeting areas full of people—easy hunting for them, super-dangerous for residents. Tonight … Read more

SWAMP PEOPLE: Team Scouts New Gator Grounds via Helicopter Hunt!

Tonight is an all-new episode in an all-new season of SWAMP PEOPLE—and the hunt to get the gators is definitely on! Each season, gator hunters have to search out the best hunting grounds, sometimes going into areas that have not been hunted in decades—or maybe ever. This season, teams are going to great lengths to … Read more

SWAMP PEOPLE: Season Premiere Finds Troy Training Teen Gator Hunter Wannabe (Video)

SWAMP PEOPLE is back tonight on The History Channel, with a Season 5 premiere that is not to be missed! King of the Swamp Troy Gentry had some on-and-off help last season; this season, he goes into training mode once again. According to The History Channel, tonight on episode “Once Bitten,” “With the first day … Read more

SWAMP PEOPLE: ‘Ten Deadliest Hunts’ Gets Fans Ready for New Season!

Fans of SWAMP PEOPLE are looking forward to the season premiere next Monday. Tonight, however, they can get ready to go gator hunting with a look back at previous hunts on The History Channel. History Channel follows the Cajuns of Atchafalaya Swamp through the 30-day alligator hunting season with their wildly popular SWAMP PEOPLE (although … Read more

SWAMP PEOPLE Invites Viewers to the Swampsgiving Table Tonight on History!

Thanksgiving in the swamp—SWAMP PEOPLE have got it for viewers tonight on History Channel! There are “must haves” for every Thanksgiving table—for the SWAMP PEOPLE, those “must haves” are likely a little different than the average American table, but they certainly are fresh! Swamper Bruce Mitchell puts it plain:  “When my family gets together, we … Read more