‘The Good Wife’ Finale ‘End’: It’s Always Been About Will Gardner

Creators of “The Good Wife”, Robert and Michelle King, were ready with five recorded minutes of video to explain, “End”, the series finale and how it all led to that slap by Diane Lockhart. “End” was just the beginning, according to them. It was Alicia Florrick as victimizer, seven seasons after being introduced to her … Read more

The Good Wife "Verdict" Pictured Matthew Morrison

‘The Good Wife’ Recap: ‘Verdict’ Leaves Us Hanging As Finale Approaches

As a penultimate episode of a series “The Good Wife” packed on the drama and situations in “Verdict” and fans wouldn’t be wrong to see the photo posted above and feel like the “Caution” tape applies to how we should wait for next Sunday’s finale. It was another case of whiplash as the writers took … Read more

Chris Noth as Peter Florrick and Julianna Margulies as Alicia in "Landing" on The Good Wife

‘The Good Wife’ Recap, “Landing”: Can Alicia Keep Jason, While Defending Peter? (VIDEO)

“The Good Wife” looked promising as it came time for Alicia to decide whether to keep up appearances as the governor’s wife or to cut ties and throw her lot in with Jason. In “Landing” we got a wimp of an ending. While it’s not easy to watch Jason when he gets serious and almost … Read more

Chris Noth as Peter Florrick in "Unmanned" on THE GOOD WIFE

THE GOOD WIFE ‘Unmanned’ Recap: Peter Is Toast and Drones Rule (VIDEOS)

What did we learn from THE GOOD WIFE episode “Unmanned” that we didn’t know? Alicia Florrick never changed the locks on her apartment door as she was conducting a scorching hot affair with Jason Crouse. The two actually got into a discussion about religion, and we learned that Jason was raised in the Greek Orthodox … Read more