Marcus Lemonis

Larissa Goes Public With Other Side of Swanson Story on THE PROFIT

CNBC’s THE PROFIT and its star Marcus Lemonis have come under fire from the family that owns Swanson’s Fish Market in Fairfield, Connecticut after the business was featured in a recent episode of the show. In particular, daughter Larissa has taken exception to the final edit of the show aired this week in which investor Marcus Lemonis … Read more

Swanson Fish Market's clam chowder

THE PROFIT: Swanson’s Fish Market Gets Marcus Lemonis Treatment (VIDEO)

CNBC’s THE PROFIT and Marcus Lemonis head to Fairfield, Connecticut and family owned Swanson’s Fish Market, a staple of that community for more than 40 years. A fire destroyed the premises in 2009 and the owners have yet to climb out of crippling debt that hovered near $1 million. The situation has frayed the nerves … Read more

Marcus Lemonis

THE PROFIT Preview: Marcus Lemonis’ Hard Lesson for Artistic Stitch, NYC (VIDEO)

THE PROFIT returns tonight on CNBC and Marcus Lemonis takes on Artistic Stitch in New York City. In the extended video clip posted below, Lemonis explains the issues with the embroidery company that is deeply in debt and seemingly without the ability to dig itself out. Artistic Stitch’s business depends on custom silk-screening and embroidery … Read more

Marcus Lemonis

New Season THE PROFIT: Marcus Lemonis Invests And Takes Over (VIDEO)

Marcus Lemonis is back tonight, Tuesday October 14 with a new season of THE PROFIT on CNBC and depending on your view, he’s either a savior or the devil incarnate. One thing is clear — he’s a world apart from other hosts and experts who save business on reality TV shows. THE PROFIT’s unique feature … Read more