‘The Profit’ Season Finale: Marcus Lemonis At Susana Monaco, Who’s In Charge? (VIDEO)

“The Profit” wraps up its season with Marcus Lemonis at work with New York fashion designer Susana Monaco. A turnaround is necessary for the business to survive, but there’s something or someone who is making things difficult at best. Update: recap posted below.¬† In the sneak peek video posted below, Marcus attempts to educate Ana, … Read more

‘The Profit’: Marcus Lemonis in Cuba, Impressed With Entrepreneurs in Oppressive Environment (VIDEO)

In a special episode of “The Profit”, Marcus Lemonis visits Cuba to meet entrepreneurs who work in an environment strikingly different from that which is examined in other episodes of the CNBC series. It’s what makes¬†striving for success of tremendous interest. In promo material for show, the network uses the words “oppressive Communist regime” to … Read more

‘The Profit’ Season 4: At Bowery Kitchen Supplies, It’s Divorce Anger Over Business Survival (VIDEO)

“The Profit” lands in the heart of Manhattan at Bowery Kitchen Supplies, a well established shop on the west side of the borough, also part of Chelsea Market. You know how we’ve seen a whole host of family run establishments this season? What happens when the family is split up by a divorce, yet still … Read more

‘The Profit’: Tea2Go Franchise Gets Marcus Lemonis Treatment, Including Name Change (VIDEO)

“The Profit” and Marcus Lemonis’ next stop is at Tea2Go, a tea retailer with franchisees and a host of problems, including a bad dynamic between a father and son that has the business locked in a cycle that could lead to its ultimate downfall. There are the usual cash flow problems and arguments about how … Read more

‘The Profit’ at Pacific Hospitality: Marcus Lemonis Knows Furniture, But Will He Make a Difference? (VIDEO)

“The Profit” with Marcus Lemonis gets back into the furniture business at Pacific Hospitality, which is a familiar place for him. In season 3, Marcus helped a family owned furniture company in Miami recreate itself. That would be Grafton Furniture, a business that turned from producing strictly custom pieces to adding a ready-to-ship line of … Read more