Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor on "The Royals" Season 3

‘The Royals’ Season 3: Jasper’s Father Causes New Split For Jeleanor At Christmas

‘The Royals’ went comedic and musical again in “More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind”, before darkness returned. The show’s homage to Christmas at the palace was like many non-royal family events. Fun, laughs, tears and arguments. When Liam acted without consultation, giving the help the day off, no one knew how to set a … Read more

ake Maskall as King Cyrus on "The Royals" season 3 on E!

‘The Royals’ Season 3 Recap: Robert’s Press Conference Explains All, Supposedly

In the latest episode of “The Royals”, everything led up to the final few minutes of “Our (Late) Dear Brother’s Death” and Prince Robert’s explanation of what happened to him. Nothing is ever that simple on this show and it’s expected that there’s more where that came from. We published a preview listing the five … Read more

Max Brown as Prince Robert on season 3 "The Royals" on E!

‘The Royals’ Season 3: Top 5 Secrets About Prince Robert’s Absence (VIDEO)

Prince Robert threw his family’s life into turmoil by uttering two words, “Hello Mum”. That’s how the previous episode of E!’s juicy series “The Royals” ended, along with a full swoon by Princess Eleanor. There are many ramifications for him, his family and the throne of England. Updated: recap of the episode is posted.  In … Read more

Max Brown as Prince Robert on Season 3 of "The Royals"

Robert Says ‘Hello Mum’ and ‘The Royals’ Just Reset The Action for Season 3 (VIDEO)

“The Royals” was on the brink of righting all wrongs by Queen Helena when Prince Robert strolled back in the palace and said “Hello Mum”. Eleanor fainted, Helena was rendered speechless and “The Royals” reset everything for the rest of the season.  Sneak Peek: Top 5 mysteries about Robert’s reappearance Check out the video clip … Read more