Sophie Colquhoun

THE ROYALS: What You Can Learn About Britain’s Monarchy From the Show

THE ROYALS is a delicious, scripted evening soap opera and it’s stock and trade is over-the-top scandalous stories. But from time to time, you get something that gives you insight into what the real British royals might be dealing with. In the latest episode, “Sweet, Not Lasting” Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) went on tour with … Read more

Sophie Colquhoun, Merritt Patterson

THE ROYALS Fashion Week Recap: Prince Liam’s Ex Reappears, Jasper Becomes Sympathetic

THE ROYALS has settled in to its debut season on E! and the roles of the royal family members have become more clear. Add that to the hoopla over London Fashion Week and you’ve got a great premise for the episode, “We Are Pictures, or Mere Beasts”. Recap of latest show: What’s it take to … Read more

The Royals on E!

THE ROYALS: Best-Worst of Premiere ‘Stand And Unfold Yourself”

THE ROYALS made its debut on E! and the much-anticipated show didn’t disappoint. There are caricatures of some of those who sit in Britain as members of that royal family and then there are pleasant surprises. Surprises King Simon (Vincent Regan) is a man with empathy for his people, who isn’t afraid to speak and … Read more