Dessert on "Top Chef Boston"

TOP CHEF Finale, Tom Colicchio Compared Finalists to Springsteen and the Ramones

The long season of TOP CHEF: BOSTON ended on a high note. Chef Gregory Gourdet and Chef Mei Lin went at it and Tom Colicchio gushed about the future of cooking and one particular dessert. There was only an Elimination Challenge in the finale which was to prepare a four-course meal and make it the … Read more

Chef Gregory Gourdet, Padma Lakshmi

TOP CHEF: It’s Down to Final Two as Mexico Claimed Another Victim

TOP CHEF: BOSTON celebrated its second successive episode in Mexico last night “Holy Escamole”, as the final three became the final two. Next week, after a very long season, a new TOP CHEF will be crowned. Who was shocked at the decision of the judges last night? The show’s editors gave us signals that Chef … Read more

Chef Enrique Olvera at Top Chef Finale with Gail Simmons, Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio

TOP CHEF: BOSTON Finale Pt. 1 Who Won LCK and Went Home From Mexico?

TOP CHEF: BOSTON has gone to its final resting place, San Miguel de Allende in Mexico which attracts artists from around the world. LAST CHANCE KITCHEN staged its final challenge in the town prior to the arrival of Gregory, Melissa and Mei. The three chefs who survived the time in Boston were surprised to be led … Read more

Top Chef: Boston judges

TOP CHEF: Goodbye To Boston, Who Made It To Finals in Mexico?

TOP CHEF: BOSTON says goodbye to the city tonight at a new time, 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. SPOILERS posted below, beware. The final challenge sends two people to the show’s final round in Mexico and one to LAST CHANCE KITCHEN. In the Quickfire it’s an homage to beans, with all that entails as the … Read more

Tom Colicchio

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN: Ranch Dressing Showdown Adam vs. Doug

LAST CHANCE KITCHEN has been the place for some odd challenges, particularly this season, and the latest episode was no exception. Chef Adam Harvey and Chef Doug Adams waited for their competition to walk through the kitchen door, but Tom informed them they’d be dueling it out alone. No one was eliminated in last night’s TOP … Read more