Charlie Wright and Curtis Tindall on "Yukon Men"

‘Yukon Men’ EXCLUSIVE: Watch Charlie’s Helper Find Danger Clearing His Trapline (VIDEO)

Season six of “Yukon Men” is underway and in episode two, airing tonight, Friday April 28 on Discovery, the reality has set in for residents of Tanana. Outsiders are among them and the residents are dealing with it in a variety of ways. If you missed the season premiere, check out this post with info … Read more

Charlie Wright of Discovery's "Yukon Men"

Sneak Peek ‘Yukon Men’ Season 6: Tanana Ready To Fight For Way Of Life (VIDEO)

“Yukon Men” presents its season 6 premiere Friday night April 21 on Discovery Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. et/pt. The residents of Tanana are riled up about what they consider an invasion. Mother nature puts obstacles in their way, and while the environmental crises have to be managed, no one thought that civilization would intrude … Read more

Charlie Wright on season six premiere of "Yukon Men"

Ready For ‘Yukon Men’ Season 6 Premiere? Tanana Under Siege, From Nature and Humans

Updated: sneak peek of the new season posted. “Yukon Men” will be back in action for season six on Discovery. It all begins Friday night April 21 on 9 p.m. ET/PT and things have changed. This season, the town of Tanana feels like it’s under siege, while it still recovering from a wildfire that almost … Read more

YUKON MEN, Discovery Channel. Jessi & Chris Morse.

‘Yukon Men’ Season Finale: Did Chris & Jessi Make the Right Call, Going into a Live Bear Den?

Updated: EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of season 6 ep. 2. Watch Curtis endangered clearing the Charlie’s trapline. Watching Jessi crawl into bear dens last night on the Season Finale of “Yukon Men,” mixed feelings arose. On the one hand, someone going into the den was her suggestion in the first place–she just assumed the one going in … Read more