Can Chris & Jessi Survive a YUKON MEN Winter with No Moose & a Sketchy Heat Source?

UPDATED: Fans got their answer last night on “Yukon Men” Season Finale; read the recap! Winter is coming on fast in Tanana, as it always appears to do on Discovery Channel’s YUKON MEN. Once the short summer is over, it seems to be almost no time before a chill in the air becomes a deep … Read more

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Are Jessi & Chris Just Too Unprepared to Survive the Harsh YUKON MEN Winter?

UPDATED: Season 6 season premiere: civilization arrives, so does danger The new season of YUKON MEN on Discovery Channel is in full swing, and the residents of Tanana have a formidable task ahead of them: Rediscover their lives among ashes. Life in Alaska is struggle enough, without the challenge of forest fire. But, for these … Read more

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YUKON MEN Recap: Tanana Citizens Pull Together & Fight Raging Wildfire on Season Premiere; Did They Win?

UPDATED: Will Tanana residents begin to find their way tonight? Check out this week’s preview on TVRuckus! Last night on Discovery Channel, the YUKON MEN returned for an all-new season. The big question: Would Tanana survive an oncoming wildfire? At the beginning of the episode, it looked bleak. The residents, even those with fire experience, … Read more

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YUKON MEN: Will Residents of Tanana Double-Down in New Season Following a Savage WildFire?

UPDATED:  Did the Tanana residents beat the fire? Read our recap! Fans of YUKON MEN, the residents of Tanana, Alaska, are on their way back to Discovery Channel. But, are they on their way back to Tanana? Fans of the show are familiar with the remote location of Tanana, Alaska, as it clings to the … Read more