Dangerous Wolf Invasion Strikes Tanana Tonight on YUKON MEN

Danger is ever-present in a frozen town like Tanana, AK, so remote that the animals, rather than the YUKON MEN, are at the top of the food chain. This week, the problem is wolves—lots of them. Yes, they are beautiful animals, but when you are dealing with them face-to-face, they are also deadly. And, some … Read more

YUKON MEN: Who Set the Moore Family’s Moral Compass?

At one time, I thought Pat Moore was the only one in that family who was jerky with questionable morals; now, it is clear that his kids are just as bad as he is. The Moores are having a hard time feeding their dogs this season, and son Thomas went to Charlie to ask to … Read more

Bob Wright. YUKON MEN, Discovery Channel.

YUKON MEN: Can Tanana Survive As Younger Generation Makes Choices?

YUKON MEN came back for a new season on Discovery Channel last night, and the town is as cold and uninviting than ever. I mean no disrespect to the people of Tanana when I say that; they seem to be good, solid, hard-working people. And, obviously they love their way of life, living off the … Read more

YUKON MEN Will Come Outta the Dark on Sunday!

Tanana, Alaska, is waking up, and YUKON MEN returns this Sunday with all-new episodes on Discovery Channel! It’s not only bone-chilling cold in Tanana, just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle, it is dark for six weeks, and residents are ready for some daylight! Last season, Tanana suffered through record-breaking cold of 70-below zero, and … Read more