ABBY’S ULTIMATE Preview: JoJo’s Gone, Cindy Still Screaming

ABBY’S ULTIMATE DANCE COMPETITION features the final four dancers tonight in a show with an Alice in Wonderland theme, entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole.” It allows Abby Lee Miller to scream, “Off with their heads” at some point in the episode, which is nothing more than she usually says in other words. Abby knows that … Read more

MOONSHINERS, PORTER RIDGE: Fun Night in the Backwoods on Discovery

PORTER RIDGE is back on Discovery Channel with new episodes, and tonight, well, the heat is on Terry. And, as is always true with Terry Porter, crazy circumstances lead to equally crazy—maybe straight-out insane—outcomes! This week, Terry has a run-in with the police. According to Discovery Channel, in episode “The Heat is On”: “When a police … Read more

THE BIGGEST LOSER: Ruben Is Gone, but Soulful Competition Continues!

Well-known and soulful singer Ruben Studdard went home from NBCs THE BIGGEST LOSER last week, but that is no reason to give up on the show for the season—there are plenty more personalities and stories fans can follow and cheer for as the weeks go forward! Tonight, for example, kids from last season return to … Read more

CHURCH RESCUE: Hoppers Help Preacher Put Aside Own Ego for God’s Plan

    CHURCH RESCUE premiered last night, with the “Church Hoppers” heading out to North Carolina to offer requested aid to Pastor Larry Roseboro at his “bapticostal” chuch. Kevin “Rev Kev” Annas, Anthony “Gladamere” Lockhart and Jerry “Doc” Bentley hit the ground running, visiting the church on an unspecified Sunday, so as not to have … Read more