LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: From Larry’s Bunny to Theresa’s Melanoma

Doesn’t Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo look fabulous in a little black dress? There she stood commanding a crowd at a fund raiser, raising hell as always. Theresa Caputo’s life runs the gamut from being a normal Long Island housewife and mother, as she likes to call herself, to speaking to people who have spent … Read more

SISTER WIVES Add Holiday Jewelry to ‘My Sisterwife’s Closet’

Fans of SISTER WIVES on TLC are no doubt, like the rest of us, gearing up for the Christmas shopping season, maybe even looking for ways to lighten their Black Friday shopping lists. Responding to the market, the Browns are featuring a new “Holiday Jewelry” selection on their My Sisterwife’s Closet website. When last we … Read more

ALASKAN WOMEN Finale: Tina and Sabina Shocker

ALASKAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR LOVE wrapped its season with a finale that was emotional, humorous and surprising. Tina’s Moving South Tina was one of the two lovely ladies who decided her future was not in Alaska. Haley was the other. The trip to Miami was eye-opening about opportunities and demonstrated to Tina and Haley that … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT Leaves Boggy Creek Fouke Monster a Legend

The FINDING BIGFOOT team took a trip to Fouke, AR, last night, and explored the Fouke Monster, made famous in the 1970s independent film—or, as Cliff called it, pseudodocumentary—The Legend of Boggy Creek. Did they find anything? No, but did we expect them to? FINDING BIGFOOT is a great, fun show, if viewers take it … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT Launches New Season with All-Day Marathon Today!

FINDING BIGFOOT launches a new season tonight on Animal Planet, bigfoot enthusiasts everywhere will be excited to know, and the gang comes out of the gate more determined than ever to find new evidence that bigfoot exists somewhere other than their minds! First, starting at 10 a.m. ET/PT, fans can refresh their memories with an … Read more