FINDING BIGFOOT Leaves Boggy Creek Fouke Monster a Legend

The FINDING BIGFOOT team took a trip to Fouke, AR, last night, and explored the Fouke Monster, made famous in the 1970s independent film—or, as Cliff called it, pseudodocumentary—The Legend of Boggy Creek. Did they find anything? No, but did we expect them to? FINDING BIGFOOT is a great, fun show, if viewers take it … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT Launches New Season with All-Day Marathon Today!

FINDING BIGFOOT launches a new season tonight on Animal Planet, bigfoot enthusiasts everywhere will be excited to know, and the gang comes out of the gate more determined than ever to find new evidence that bigfoot exists somewhere other than their minds! First, starting at 10 a.m. ET/PT, fans can refresh their memories with an … Read more

SCANDAL: Best Olivia Scene in ‘Icarus’

SCANDAL made us wait until the final minutes of the episode “Icarus” for a face-to-face scene with Olivia and Fitz. It was worth it. Earlier in the show, Liv engaged in a potentially life-altering phone conversation with dad Eli after polishing off a bottle of wine. Which was better? You be the judge. “One of … Read more

GREY’S ANATOMY: Is Bailey Tanking Marriage to Ben?

What is going on with Dr. Bailey? GREY’S ANATOMY presented her with yet another issue to deal with in her marriage to Ben during last night’s show, “Two Against One”. She suffered dizzy spells and manifested odd, bordering on obsessive hand movements, in and out of the OR. They are clearly symptoms of something that … Read more

BEAR GRYLLS Returns to Discovery with New Series on November 11th

Fans of survival expert and outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls will be excited to learn that he is returning to Discovery in an all-new six-part series, BEAR GRYLLS: ESCAPE FROM HELL. Kicking off with a special premiere on November 11, Bear will then be moving to the show’s regular time slot on Wednesdays, beginning November 13. … Read more