Exclusive Interview with Anthony Melchiorri on TVRuckus

Anthony Melchiorri is more excited than usual about Hotel Impossible. The hit show on Travel Channel is ready for its season 3 premiere on Monday Aug 12. For fans of Hotel Impossible, it’s not exactly news that the Hotel Fixer is excited.  Anthony Melchiorri is passionate from the opening frame of an episode until the … Read more

Shark Week: Shark Cam Leads Hunt on ‘Return of Jaws’ (VIDEO)

Shark Week continues on Discovery today with RETURN OF JAWS. Narrated by Mike Rowe, Return of Jaws demonstrates the use of Shark Cam, a tool never before used for Shark Week! The Shark Cam is a robot submarine, tracking sharks and providing the spectacular footage seen in Return of Jaws, featuring Great Whites living and … Read more

Drop Dead Diva Preview: Stacy devastates Jane about Owen

Has Stacy gone crazy? Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime delves into waters that are dangerous for best friends Jane and Stacy. For fans, the shock will be a bit much. Not only did Stacy tell Jane that Owen French has been chosen as the perfect sperm donor for Stacy’s baby, but on tonight’s show, Stacy … Read more

Cedar Cove: Will Jack’s Son Eric Be Too Much for Olivia?

Love is messy. It’s messy and it’s complicated, and it requires forgiveness—and letting the other person be themselves. So said radio personality Delilah on Cedar Cove last night. And it looks like she is right on the money when it comes to relationships in Cedar Cove. Olivia & Stan It’s pretty obvious Olivia’s ex, Stan, … Read more

Shark Week 2013: Does Prehistoric Megalodon Live? (VIDEO)

Shark Week is getting started today on Discovery, and to get you off on the right foot, here is a guide for Sunday from TVRuckus. AIR JAWS: BEYOND THE BEACH, Sunday, August 4 at 8 p.m. This documentary sends the crew behind the scenes of Air Jaws: Beyond the Beach, and will give viewers a … Read more