Necessary Roughness: Is Sheera good for TK?

This week’s episode of Necessary Roughness on USA stuck to the theme of the title: “Bringing the Heat”. There was plenty of heat to go around. If you haven’t already explored The Kiss between Dr. Santino and Nico, get over here and join the fun. “Will The Kiss Change Anything?” The Nico-Dani clinch scene popped … Read more

The Writers Room: Parks & Rec Panel Lights Up Episode 2

  The Writers’ Room on Sundance Channel is back this Monday Aug. 5 to commune with the creative talent behind the hit comedy Parks & Recreation. Produced in conjunction with Entertainment Weekly, the behind-the-scenes program began its six-episode run with an open-ended and hilarious discussion among host Jim Rash and the creative team responsible for … Read more

Hatfields & McCoys: Try More White Lightning, Less Bickering

Last night, History Channel premiered Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning for the first time. There was potential there, pitting the families of the famous feuders against each other once again, and binding them together with the ongoing reality/homemade liquor crazes that are currently hot in the TV world. Did they succeed in bringing viewers something … Read more

History Capturing White Lightning in a Hatfield & McCoys Bottle?

The History Channel has some good programming; not all of it historical, mind you, but a lot of it is entertaining and often family-friendly. The Hatfields & McCoys mini-series brought the network gigantic ratings, and everybody is aware that reality programming dominates the airwaves these days for good reason: Viewers like it. Yes, people complain … Read more