Top Of The Lake marathon, catch up on Emmy nominated series

Sundance Channel announced a marathon viewing of its critically acclaimed mini-series drama Top of the Lake starring Elisabeth Moss. The network is offering viewers an opportunity to enjoy the first season’s seven episodes back-to-back on July 28th from 1pm -8pm ET/PT. Applauded by critics when it first aired in March, Sundance Channel was proud to … Read more

Lizard Lick Towing: Broken Bones, Stolen Jewelry

Lizard Lick Towing: Can those boys do ANYTHING without getting themselves in all kinds of trouble? It seems not. It doesn’t help that Ronnie keeps bringing Cousin Johnny into the mix—is he ever anything but trouble?—but with Bobby hurt and healing—or trying to heal, anyway—Lizard Lick cannot afford any screw ups or bad turns. But, … Read more

Deadliest Catch: Sig Ready to Hang Up the Northwestern?

“Yes, I’m okay, now.” Sometimes when you finally get what you want, you’re not so sure you want it any longer. “I don’t know if it’s this season or just being here for this many years, but I’m just tired of this season.” With that, Sig did something on the Northwestern last night that Deadliest … Read more

Naked & Afraid: Can Cast at LEAST Cover Up During Commercials?

What was Discovery Channel thinking? The first time I saw Naked and Afraid advertised, I wasn’t sure if it was real; it looked like a “gotcha” TV moment. But, reality television being as it is, and people being as they are, you never know just what they will agree to do just to get on-screen. … Read more