Kody Brown Family, TLC, SISTER WIVES

SISTER WIVES: No Express Lane for Browns Tonight at the Grocery Store! (Video Preview)

SISTER WIVES in Alaska? Well, seems like everybody in reality television makes it to the Land of the Midnight Sun sooner or later; why not the Browns? There are more firsts going on this week for the Browns, as well. For one thing, Kody and Robyn are set to reveal the sex of their new … Read more

Great Wild North, History Channel

GREAT WILD NORTH: New Off-the-Grid Series Blows in on History Channel Tonight!

Tonight on History Channel, a new show debuts–and all of you Alaska junkies should tune in for the Series Premiere of the GREAT WILD NORTH. In the frozen wilderness that borders Alaska and the Yukon, viewers will meet a group of brave souls who are pursuing an ancient and dangerous way of life. For these … Read more

Land Rush, Discovery Channel, Brent & Tiffany.

LAND RUSH: Tiffany Showing Organization & Right People, Equipment Key to Alaska Homesteading

LAND RUSH continued populating the Alaskan wild last night, and the four homesteader wannabes on the Discovery Channel show fought snow and lack of preparation to make their living-of-the-grid dreams come true. All of the homesteaders bought their Alaskan property with a dollar and a dream, but some have had better luck than others along … Read more

Land Rush, Discovery Channel, Brent & Tiffany.

LAND RUSH Recap: Do Any of These Homesteaders Have the Skills to Make it Off-the-Grid in Alaska?

Last night, Discovery Channel premiered a new Alaska series, LAND RUSH. Viewers met four new landowners–Greg, Tiffany, Jim and Danny–and watched as they got started on living the “simple life” in the wilderness. But, as one would expect, right from the beginning, the “simple life” is proving to be, well, really hard. It is a … Read more

Land Rush, Discovery Channel, Brent & Tiffany.

LAND RUSH: New Discovery Series Highlights Modern-Day Alaska Homesteading

UPDATED: Recap last night’s episode; do any of the homesteaders have the skills to make this move work? Tonight, Discovery Channel premieres an all-new Alaska reality series, LAND RUSH, following four homesteaders searching for freedom and security off-the-grid. Pioneers settled the American frontier looking for freedom and a place to call their own. That spirit … Read more