ALONE, History Channel. Season 2.

‘Alone’ Show on History Channel: Winter’s Fury Descends on Final Four Tonight!

“Alone” is getting down to the nitty gritty on History Channel. Fans of the show will recall Season One, when the cold winds, rains and ice on Vancouver Island started pelting the final survivalists, making food even harder to get and, ultimately, being a big factor in the tap-out by second-place finisher, Sam. Will Season … Read more

ALONE, Season 2. History Channel. From Left: Randy Champagne, Larry Roberts, Mary Kate Green, Mike Lowe, David McIntyre, Nicole Apelian, Tracy Wilson, Justin Vititoe, Jose Martinez Amoedo, Desmond White Photo by Brendan Meadows Copyright 2016

Meet the Cast of Season 2 of History Channel’s Returning Hit Series, ALONE

Next week, on Thursday, April 21, hit History Channel series ALONE returns for an all-new season–featuring an all-new cast. But, this Thursday, April 14, History Channel is airing a special “Making the Cut” episode, that will introduce fans to this season’s participants. To get readers ready, we thought we would offer a quick bio-overview of … Read more