ALONE, History Channel. Season 2 Cast.

‘Alone’ Season Two Winner: Jose Tapped Out at #3; Who Won the $500,000 Grand Prize?

Last night on History Channel, Season Two of “Alone” came to a surprising end. With three men left on Vancouver Island, it all came down to Jose, Larry and David.  Updated: Season 3 premiere preview includes info on viewer contest! Jose finished at the #3 spot, after turning over his kayak and dumping himself in … Read more

ALONE, History Channel. Season 2.

‘Alone’ Show on History Channel: Winter’s Fury Descends on Final Four Tonight!

“Alone” is getting down to the nitty gritty on History Channel. Fans of the show will recall Season One, when the cold winds, rains and ice on Vancouver Island started pelting the final survivalists, making food even harder to get and, ultimately, being a big factor in the tap-out by second-place finisher, Sam. Will Season … Read more

Alone, History Channel. David.

‘Alone’ Show on History Channel: Is a Clear Winner Emerging with Only Four Contestants Remaining?

Four survivalists remain on History Channel hit series “Alone.” Is anyone the “clear winner,” yet? Last season, most viewers had probably pegged Alan Kay as the “clear winner” by this point. He was just living on Vancouver Island, it seemed, as opposed to trying to survive, like the other contestants. Sure, he was cold, and, … Read more

ALONE, Season 2. History Channel. From Left: Randy Champagne, Larry Roberts, Mary Kate Green, Mike Lowe, David McIntyre, Nicole Apelian, Tracy Wilson, Justin Vititoe, Jose Martinez Amoedo, Desmond White Photo by Brendan Meadows Copyright 2016

‘Alone’ Show on History: Tonight 7 Contestants Are Still Teetering on the Edge of Tap-Out! (Video)

“Alone” returns to History Channel tonight, after a week off for the airing of the network’s updated telling of the Alex Haley classic, “Roots.” But, the action picks right back up where we left off, and the cast continues to struggle with their own personal challenges, some more than others. Some of the contestants have … Read more

ALONE, History Channel. Tracy Wilson.

‘Alone’ Show on History Channel: 7 Survivalists Remain After One Surprising Tap-Out

UPDATED: Will 7 Survivalists remain after tonight’s storm? Read the Preview! Seven remain on Vancouver Island after this week’s all-new “Alone” on History Channel. It was a rather sudden departure–but who was it? Overall, it was a good week for most. Everyone was fishing and trying to find a steady source of food. The most … Read more