HARDCORE PAWN: Someone Is Doing Weed in the Warehouse! (Sneak Peek Video)

In addition to ringing in 2014, tonight fans of HARDCORE PAWN on truTV will be celebrating a new episode of their favorite pawn reality show! Tonight, there is a lot of snooping in store for the Golds and their employees. According to truTV, in episode, “Scent of Deception”: “When Ashley smells weed in the warehouse, … Read more

Hardcore Pawn: Les Chooses between Ashley & Seth

What is the future of American Jewelry and Loan on truTVs Hardcore Pawn? Les is concerned that his store does not have a future with his children in charge; he has reason to be concerned. Previously, Les collapsed following yet another argument offspring Seth and Ashley pulled him into refereeing; thank goodness it was not a … Read more