Finding Bigfoot, Animal Planet

FINDING BIGFOOT: 2-Hour Season Finale Takes Team to Texas & New York! (Video)

Is tonight the night the FINDING BIGFOOT team will uncover irrefutable evidence of the existence of Sasquatch? Well, okay, probably not. But, it is the Season Finale, and Animal Planet viewers will not want to miss the wrap-up of the season–and all the fun that will undoubtedly go along with the search. For the FINDING … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT goes to South Carolina. Animal Planet.

FINDING BIGFOOT: Will South Carolina Be a Hidden Gem of Sasquatch Activity?

UPDATED: Ranae Gets into the Bigfoot Excitement; Read the Recap! This season, the FINDING BIGFOOT team on Discovery Channel is kicking it up a notch, in hopes of finding the evidence they need to bring Bigfoot to the world. That means going to places that may not be the accepted Bigfoot “hot spots,” and this … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT: Suspected Squatch Spotted Near Myakka River in FL!

UPDATED:  Myakka River Sasquatch still a mystery; read the recap! Fans of Animal Planet’s squatchy hit series FINDING BIGFOOT should be back in the groove of the hunt after a 2-hour Season Premiere last week. Tonight, on an all-new episode, fans can get ready to travel to the Sunshine State with the FINDING BIGFOOT team. … Read more

Finding Bigfoot, Animal Planet

FINDING BIGFOOT: New Season Begins in Heart of Amazon Rainforest!

They have not been able to track down a bigfoot in the United States; after six seasons and 38 states, perhaps it is time for the FINDING BIGFOOT team to try something new on Animal Planet. So, this season, Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman and … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT Returns Tonight with All-New 2-Hour Premiere in Alaska!

UPDATED:  Season Premiere Recap Tonight, Animal Planet’s FINDING BIGFOOT returns, with eight new episodes that will leave no stone unturned as the team is hot on the trail of the world’s largest sasquatch—in the wilds of Alaska. FINDING BIGFOOT makes a special two-hour Season Premiere debut that takes the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) into … Read more