Finding Bigfoot, Animal Planet

FINDING BIGFOOT: 2-Hour Season Finale Takes Team to Texas & New York! (Video)

Is tonight the night the FINDING BIGFOOT team will uncover irrefutable evidence of the existence of Sasquatch? Well, okay, probably not. But, it is the Season Finale, and Animal Planet viewers will not want to miss the wrap-up of the season–and all the fun that will undoubtedly go along with the search. For the FINDING … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT: Dog Sleds & Fake Deer Traps Tonight in Montana

The Finding Bigfoot heads into Big Sky country this week, squatchin’ in Bozeman, MT. Have we ever seen Bobo on a dog sled? Looks like we are going to this week! According to Animal Planet, tonight on episode, “Big Sky Bigfoot”: “The team travels to big sky country to investigate Sasquatch activity near the city … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT Searches for Yeren in China; Cliff Says Government ‘Much More Accepting’

FINDING BIGFOOT fans are loving this season in a big way—the debut episode alone garnered 1.3 million viewers! Tonight, fans will no doubt gather around a TV tuned in on Animal Planet, because the team is heading to international grounds in hopes of finding this elusive creature abroad. Tonight, the FINDING BIGFOOT team is heading … Read more

FINDING BIGFOOT Launches New Season with All-Day Marathon Today!

FINDING BIGFOOT launches a new season tonight on Animal Planet, bigfoot enthusiasts everywhere will be excited to know, and the gang comes out of the gate more determined than ever to find new evidence that bigfoot exists somewhere other than their minds! First, starting at 10 a.m. ET/PT, fans can refresh their memories with an … Read more