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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Take a Look Back at the Beginning of the Brown Family Wolfpack Tonight on Discovery!

The latest season of “Alaskan Bush People” has ended. But, tonight on Discovery Channel, take a look back at where it all began. Over the last few seasons, fans–and anti-fans, it seems–have gotten to know the Billy Brown family. At least, viewers take away from them what they want, some good, some bad. But, whatever … Read more

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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Post-Season Special: Will Matt Make an Appearance with the Brown Family Wolfpack Tonight?

Discovery Channel mega-hit series “Alaskan Bush People” ended on a shocking note last week, leaving Billy and Ami waiting expectantly on the beach while oldest Brown son, Matt, chose to stay in counselling and not return to the Brown family “wolfpack.” Tonight, in a special post-season episode, the Browns look back on the season, and … Read more

Alaskan Bush People, Discovery Channel, Brown family

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Post-Season Finale: Is It Time for Billy & Ami to Set the Wolfpack Free?

UPDATED: Take a look back at the season with a post-Season Finale Special! Fans of “Alaskan Bush People” were no doubt distressed at the ending of the Season Finale, with Matt Brown deciding to remain in treatment and not re-joining the Brown family wolfpack back in Browntown. On the other hand, surprising as it was, … Read more

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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Rejoins the Wolfpack Tonight, but Will It Stick?

UPDATED: Do Billy and Ami put too much pressure on their kids to stay in Browntown? Read more here on TVRuckus! Tonight on Discovery Channel mega-hit “Alaskan Bush People,” the Brown family is continuing to deal with the truth revealed by oldest brother Matt last week: He has a drinking problem. But, after going thru … Read more

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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Counting Down to Billy & Bam’s 30-Day Jail Sentence

Fans of “Alaskan Bush People” have no doubt been counting down the episodes until Billy Brown and son Bam head off to jail; now, it looks like that time is almost at hand. Last night, the kids worked together on a job, without Billy or Bam. The girls pitched in with Matt and Gabe and, … Read more