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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Behind-the-Scenes Tonight: Does ‘Brown Luck’ Influence What Fans See Each Week?

The Season Finale of “Alaskan Bush People” already closed out the regular season on Discovery Channel, but that doesn’t mean that fans have to do without any new Brown escapades just yet. Tonight, in a behind-the-scenes look at the show, fans will see more about how the Browns themselves are involved in what makes it … Read more

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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season Premiere: Wolf Pack Patriarch Billy Brown Explains Why He Made 30-Day Jail Deal with State

Last night on the Season Premiere of “Alaskan Bush People,” Billy Brown finally discussed the legal difficulties the family has been facing and fans have been reading about in the news over the last several months. But, was his take on the charges one that viewers of this Discovery hit series will accept? More or … Read more

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ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE Season Finale: Could Tonight Be the End of the Road for the Brown Family Wolf Pack?

UPDATED: Recap Season Finale episode! Oh, those ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE; tonight is the Season Finale on Discovery Channel, and the main question that has to be on a lot of viewers’ minds is simply this: Will the Brown family wolf pack return for a new season on Discovery Channel? Fans are more than aware by … Read more

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ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE: Can the Wolf Pack Take Browntown Back from the Bears Tonight?

Fans of ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE watched with great anticipation to see if the oldest Brown “boys”–Matt, Bam, Bear and Gabe–could make a solo haul with the Integrity and bring it back with both the boat and the family reputation intact. They made mistakes–and hit the dock more than once–but, overall, Billy seemed pleased with their … Read more

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ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE: Can the Brown Boys Complete Their First ‘Solo’ Haul without Further Incident Tonight?

Tonight on a new episode of ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE, the Brown “boys” continue their first-ever hauling trip without Billy. But, everything is not going as well as it could–although nothing about the rough trip is really unexpected. The Browns are trying to build a positive reputation as haulers for hire in the Alaska area, to … Read more