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YUKON MEN Recap: Tanana Citizens Pull Together & Fight Raging Wildfire on Season Premiere; Did They Win?

UPDATED: Will Tanana residents begin to find their way tonight? Check out this week’s preview on TVRuckus! Last night on Discovery Channel, the YUKON MEN returned for an all-new season. The big question: Would Tanana survive an oncoming wildfire? At the beginning of the episode, it looked bleak. The residents, even those with fire experience, … Read more

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YUKON MEN: Will Charlie Really Issue Nations a Trapline Challenge Tonight?

Tonight YUKON MEN continues on Discovery Channel, and fans are waiting to see how Charlie’s emotional decision to take back the trapline from Nations will play out when he calms down and thinks it over–or had he already thought it over when he declared his intentions at the end of the show last week? Charlie … Read more

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YUKON MEN Recap: Will Charlie & Nations Go Head-to-Head Over Family Trapline?

YUKON MEN continued its walk thru winter last night on Discovery Channel, and it appears Charlie has had enough of Nations’ half-hearted effort to reclaim his family’s trapline. When Nations Jordan returned from life in the city after 12 years, he turned some lives upside down–at least, he made some of them more frustrating than … Read more

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YUKON MEN Season Premiere Recap: Town Uniting Against Advancing Wolf Packs Surrounding Tanana

The new season of YUKON MEN premiered on Discovery Channel last night–and just because they are far away from “civilization” does not mean that the residents of Tanana, AK, do not have the problems we all have. They just have a few special issues that don’t affect most of us in the lower 48! Tanana, … Read more

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YUKON MEN Season Finale Leaves Many Questions for Residents of Tanana & Viewers (Recap)

The Season Finale of YUKON MEN left a lot of questions unanswered, but it did make one thing clear:  It is going to be a long, hard winter for all of the YUKON MEN on Discovery Channel. Charlie and James ended on a sour note, after James unintentionally destroyed Charlie’s fish wheel just as the … Read more