Joe Bastianich and Chef Tim Love on "Restaurant Startup"

RESTAURANT STARTUP Recap: Watch Joe Snarl During Pitches Gloria Jean’s vs. Taste (VIDEO)

It’s Joe Bastianich and Chef Tim Love tonight on RESTAURANT STARTUP’s latest episode “Act Now, Before It’s Too Late! How do they top last week when Joe changed a chef’s life by footing the bill for a three-month internship in Spain, before funding a wine and tapas place in Portland, Oregon? That story, here. Tonight … Read more

RESTAURANT STARTUP UPDATE: Concept Change in 24 Hours Nets Investment From Joe Bastianich For Authentic Spanish Cuisine

It’s back to basics for RESTAURANT STARTUP tonight on CNBC, as Tim Love and Joe Bastianich reunite for the next food fight over a potential investment. It’s Bocadillo vs. Old New York with the entrepreneurs looking to bust out of the ranks of employee to own their own places. ┬áRECAP of episode posted below. Bocadillo … Read more

Ralphie of I Got Balls on "Restaurant Startup"

RESTAURANT STARTUP Recap: Did ‘I Got Balls’ Really Turn Down Tim Love’s $200,000?

How could RESTAURANT STARTUP be without Joe Bastianich on a night when a food service company named I Got Balls set up a pop-up restaurant? Ralphie and Chris, New York guys whose business centered on gourmet, stuffed rice balls won over Elizabeth Blau and Chef Tim Love after their presentation. They were looking to establish … Read more

Chef Tim Love and Elizabeth Blau on "Restaurant Startup"

RESTAURANT STARTUP Recap: Peli Peli Kitchen Or Full Circle Sliders, Who Got $1Million + Investment?

The fast-casual dining space was the subject of the latest competition on CNBC’s RESTAURANT STARTUP. We were introduced to the show’s new investor, Elizabeth Blau, who sat beside Chef Tim Love in place of mainstay Joe Bastianich. Joe’s been so feisty this season, it was a nice change of pace. Elizabeth starred again in the … Read more

Joe Bastianich, host of "Restaurant Startup" on CNBC

RESTAURANT STARTUP UPDATE: Divorce Wreckage Figures Into Chas Germain vs. Smoke BBQ (VIDEOS)

RESTAURANT STARTUP is all new tonight on CNBC Primetime and the battle begins with the pitches to investors and co-hosts Joe Bastianich and Chef Tim Love. Recap of the episode posted below. Chas Germain vs. Smoke BBQ has two themes in common and they are totally unrelated to the type of cuisine prepared by the … Read more