SHARK WEEK 2016, Discovery Channel. "Sharks Among Us."

SHARK WEEK: Can You Handle the ‘Shallow Water Invasion’ Tonight? (Video Peek)

UPDATED: Discovery Channel wades in with the Great Whites; read more here on TVRuckus! SHARK WEEK is bringing new programming along with proven Shark N’ Awe hits to Discovery Channel this week, and tonight viewers can get ready for the coming “Shallow Water Invasion,” swimming into primetime with a lineup of premieres after a day … Read more

Leah Remini

Watch Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler School Raffy on IT’S ALL RELATIVE (VIDEO)

Leah Remini’s got two new episodes tonight on TLC, as LEAH REMINI: IT’S ALL RELATIVE continues its new season. In the first show, airing at 9 p.m. ET/PT., titled “Leah and Chelsea Handler’s Dating Tips” Raffy, Leah’s longtime assistant doesn’t get mere tips. Oh no, he gets a makeover to be ready for the ladies … Read more