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MOONSHINERS: ‘Presidential Shine’ Flows Tonight but Is It All Too Much for Discovery’s Backwoods Outlaws?

It is a big night for presidential candidates tonight, as they vie to become their party’s nominee. But, while they fight it out at the ballot box, TV viewers are likely looking for a little relief from the pressures of the day. What better way to chill out and relax than an evening with Discovery … Read more

Josh on Discovery Channel's MOONSHINERS.

MOONSHINERS: Plenty of Regrets to Go Around During a Slow-Flowing Shining Season Tonight on Discovery!

Tonight on MOONSHINERS, it is a night of …. regrets? Under great pressure to finish up the season strong–or just limp to the finish line–the shiners are doing all they can to keep–or just finally get–things rolling to the end. Josh is still trying to do the job of two men with only one man … Read more

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MOONSHINERS: After Tonight Will Tim Smith’s Climax Brand Be Flowing for Consumers Around the World?

MOONSHINERS is tearing through the season, with lots of work but little shine–or cash–flowing. Tonight on Discovery Channel, viewers’ favorite backwoods outlaws are going to be doubling down on their efforts, but is it too little, too late? All of the shiners want to turn a quick profit–perhaps that has been their problem this season? … Read more

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MOONSHINERS Recap: Tim Shows Tickle the Door; Can Anyone Blame Him?

Last night, Steve Tickle made his first “real” appearance on MOONSHINERS this season. We saw him previously, of course, but this was the first time he really seemed to be addressing his own issues, if briefly. Now, the question must be asked: Did Discovery Channel have any other alternative than to limit his time on … Read more