Bride Colleen on "Best in Bridal"

BEST IN BRIDAL: Dave Stealing Designers from Shelley?

BEST IN BRIDAL hits FYI with two new shows tonight and we’re back to the clash of styles between David Gaffke and Shelley Murray, bridal shop owners with a wildly different way of providing brides with gowns and atmosphere. Gaffke’s Complete Bridal and Shelley’s Bridals are situated so close you can hear one shout at … Read more

Frank from Complete Bridal in East Dundee, IL

BEST IN BRIDAL: Monkeys in the Bridal Shop

BEST IN BRIDAL is back tonight on FYI with two new episodes, featuring the war between the bridal shops in East Dundee, IL. Dave Gaffke and his team of men vs. Shelley Murray and her ladies-only staff collide over customers and business methods, while fitting brides for fabulous wedding gowns. FYI debuted BEST IN BRIDAL … Read more

Dave Gaffke and staff

BEST IN BRIDAL Debut: Cute Guys Sell Wedding Gowns?

BEST IN BRIDAL debuts tonight on FYI and it is not your typical bridal shop reality show. This is a gender war between former friends Shelley Murray, her female-only staff and Dave Gaffke, whose shop employees only men. Dave used to work for Shelley and decided to set out on his own. The war was … Read more