Shlomi from ‘Container Wars’: Interview Exclusive on TVRuckus!

Fans of truTVs hit series CONTAINER WARS will readily recognize Shlomi as one of “the Israelis,” and as a sharp, shrewd businessman. Mechele R. Dillard had an opportunity recently to ask him a few questions for TVRuckus readers and CONTAINER WARS fans. TVRuckus:  There are not a lot of people who will be able to … Read more

Exclusive TVRuckus Interview with Uzi from truTVs ‘Container Wars’

Fans of truTVs Container Wars have come to know Uzi, Shlomi and Eyal as simply, “The Israelis.” And, they know them as the successful—REALLY successful—businessmen they are today. But, there is more to them than just what you see each week on television. TVRuckus reporter Mechele R. Dillard had the opportunity to ask Uzi a … Read more

Container Wars: Time Well-Flipped on truTV

Container Wars on truTV: Now, THIS is a fun show! To be honest, I was not sure what to expect the first time I watched Container Wars. There have been several shows out there following this general formula:  some type of storage bin—in this case abandoned containers at shipping port auctions—bid on by combative flippers. It’s … Read more