Recap CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL Season Finale, Mushiya’s Runway Curls NOT a Big Hit

Those ladies of the Atlanta hair scene are having yet another party, and it appears difficult for the lady of the evening to be happy. Tonight on CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL, LaKenya celebrates her own salon and issues her personal declaration of independence. She’s nobody’s girl anymore and all decisions she makes are for … Read more

Mushiya, Cutting It: In the ATL

CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL Preview: Mushiya vs. Maja For Hair Extension Supremacy

CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL moves past the mug shot birthday cake that Dedra sent to Maja’s party. It didn’t do much other than to make the ladies swear that Dedra will pay and pay and pay. This week’s show includes a small band of protestors with picket signs who march in front of J’Doah … Read more

Maja on "Cutting It: In the ATL

EXCLUSIVE Video Preview CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL: Dedra Busts Open Maja’s Party

It’s the big birthday showdown tonight on CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL. Dedra wasn’t invited to Maja party, but she arrives and she’s about to blow it all up. Not literally, but there’s gonna be trouble and plenty of it. Last week’s episode ended with Dedra plotting revenge against dear old Maja, because like the … Read more


CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL Recap/Update: ‘Demonic Dedra’ Refuses To Change (VIDEO)

CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL is all new tonight at 10 p.m. on WE tv and in “The Takedown” we get to hear Maja, the discount weave shop guru give the nickname Demonic Dedra to her fellow hair salon entrepreneur. RECAP with SPOILERS posted below. In the video preview clip posted below, Maja makes yet … Read more


Watch Dedra Toss More Ethnic Slurs At Mushiya, CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL Preview (VIDEO)

CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL takes another stab at the successful women hair industry entrepreneurs getting along tonight on WE tv. In “The Art of War”, we have another go-round between Dedra and Mushiya, and it’s difficult to understand how Dedra can justify the ethnic slurs she hurled at the owner of The Damn Salon … Read more