Shanell, Jessica and Andrea from LMN's "Escaping Polygamy" Photo by Karolina Wojtasik Copyright 2015

‘Escaping Polygamy’: Will the Sisters Help Elderly Order Member Fred Kingston Escape Danger Tonight on A&E?

UPDATED: Did Fred get help? Leave The Order? Tell the sisters to get lost? We have the recap here on TVRuckus. “Escaping Polygamy” fans have been watching the ups and downs of sisters Jessica, Andrea and Shanell, as they try to help others do what they did themselves: escape from the clutches of polygamy. But, … Read more


‘Escaping Polygamy’: Daniel Kingston Making His Move to Get His Kids to Return to The Order

Update: EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of Yolanda’s transformation, “Escaping Polygamy: After the Escape” “Escaping Polygamy” continues to amaze each week on A&E. Last night, cult leader Daniel Kingston was working to lure his older children back to the order–succeeding with some, not so much with others. But, what was truly amazing was seeing the effects such … Read more

Shanell, Jessica and Andrea from LMN's "Escaping Polygamy" Photo by Karolina Wojtasik Copyright 2015

‘Escaping Polygamy’: Two Unusual Escapees Leave The Order; Can They Find the Blessing in the Confusion?

“Escaping Polygamy” continues to surprise and amaze on Sunday nights, and the sisters continue to help people escape the chains of the so-called “religion” when they can. But, last night, the show featured two situations not seen as often: An older Order member leaving–granted, not necessarily by her own decision–and a male member deciding polygamy … Read more

Andrea, Jessica and Shannell of LMNs ESCAPING POLYGAMY.

‘Escaping Polygamy’: Will Sisters Give FLDS Rescue Another Go Tonight in South Dakota?

Last week on A&E hit series “Escaping Polygamy,” viewers met Rachel Jeffs, who came to the sisters hoping to get help for her own sister, who is currently residing in a FLDS compound in South Dakota. The problem? No plan and no guarantee her sister even wanted to be “rescued.” But, the sisters took on … Read more


‘Escaping Polygamy’ Recap: Is Jennifer Really Heading Back to The Order?

UPDATED: Will the sisters head back into FLDS territory again? Read our preview of “Crossing Enemy Lines, Part 2.” Last night on A&E, the ladies of “Escaping Polygamy” once again were venturing into FLDS territory, helping a young woman who wanted to spring her sister from the grips of the polygamous cult. But, it was … Read more